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The priority for independent pharmacies is providing care; our priority is supporting them in doing so," says Brian Nightengale, senior vice president of community and specialty pharmacy at AmerisourceBergen and president of Good Neighbor Pharmacy.
Todays rule therefore determines that EPA and these 20 states have no obligation to establish additional requirements for sources to further reduce transported ozone pollution to satisfy good neighbor obligations under the 2008 ozone NAAQS.
The Project Good Neighbor Award recognizes the best year-round volunteer-supported program or special project that promotes outreach activities throughout the year to establish and restore hope to the community.
According to National, "National Good Neighbor Day is observed annually on September 28.
We did have one wonderful good neighbor, Sonny Vincent Hedge, and now that he has died we have been left with empty hearts.
Foreign Minister Kristian Vigenin has reiterated Bulgaria's commitment to signing a good neighbor agreement with Macedonia, stressing that the treaty will pave the way toward the country's EU accession.
South of the Border with Disney: Walt Disney and the Good Neighbor Program 1941-48 tells of a journey Goofy and Donald make to South America to embrace very different cultures in Saludos Amigos.
based private investment firm, was recently honored with a 2008 New Good Neighbor Award for its $11 million renovation of the downtown Newark office building One Washington Park.
Baker Chapter of the American Red Cross has awarded Brooks Manufacturing with the 2008 Good Neighbor Award.
Three years ago, Good Neighbor Care Centers operated three senior housing facilities - one in Eugene, one in Springfield and one in Vacaville, Calif.
Since F is connected, every vertex of F belongs to an edge and thus has a good neighbor by Theorem A.
Dan Copp Crushing strives to be a good neighbor in heavily urbanized Southern California by beautifying the curbside view of its facilities and using water trucks and sprinklers to dissipate dust at its crushing plants, and rumble grates and asphalt paving are in place to help prevent dirt and dust from leaving the premises.