good notice

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Now I'm with Fighting Chance I know where I stand with things, having proper training camps with good notice for fights and I have the ability and wherewithal in camp to get the weight right and be a proper super middleweight.
Neither have the people of South Wales been given good notice of the extent of the work and the measures they would need to take to avoid it.
No he asked and gave good notice to them in the correct manner .
Jamie Stier, BHA director of raceday operations and regulation, said: "William's shoes will be hard to fill and consequently we are grateful to him for giving us good notice of his intentions, which enables us to conduct a thorough and open recruitment process.
I've had good notice and believe I will be ready for the whole 12 rounds.
I took good notice of the people's feelings and I therefore decided to do the opposite of what the European Commission has done and use "Macedonian" when referring to the identity and language.
Our 16-ounce can has received a lot of good notice.
All critics know that they are going to get more response--and definitely more praise--for a witty bad notice than for the more difficult-to-write witty good notice.
We normally have good notice of road closures, but we received nothing," said a church spokesman.
We normally have good notice of road closures but today we have received nothing" said a spokesperson for Aston Parish Church.
It would be manifestly unfair not to give those many causes good notice of when and by how much their income will fall.