good prospect

See: likelihood
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Since you're likely to have rather a smoky, unpleasant time of it at Newcastle for the next few weeks, you'll want a good prospect of some sort to keep up your spirits.
Those are not good prospects for a painter,' said Clennam.
He was left with good prospects, but he threw away his chances, lived for some time in poverty with occasional short intervals of prosperity, and finally, taking to drink, he died.
We are talking about an English player and a young player -- he is a good prospect for Chelsea.
If only 1 percent of investors found Iran a good prospect and acted on that, Iran would be swamped with investment funds.
We'really excited about him and think he's a really good prospect.
There has been good leasing activity, and we continue to develop good prospect activity for this Class A office building.
Firstly do I have a reasonable good prospect of winning, and secondly do I have a reasonably good prospect of winning with a party that will change in the way I would like to see it change.
Carter said: ``There is a good prospect that Wembley will give England a prestigious national stadium, which does not require continuing support from the state.
And although they are unwilling to predict when the experiments may progress to human clinical trials, they say that "On the whole, these data indicate a good prospect for developing recombinant adenovirus vaccines that will effectively immunize humans against [hepatitis B].
Joe looks a good prospect with all the qualities needed," says Earnie.
With a half-brother to Mastership nothing should be taken for granted but Secret Society still looks a very good prospect Looking forward to Red Badge in a 7f nursery on Saturday.