good reputation

References in classic literature ?
Yes, upon my truly was it," says she: "the gentleman speaks very much like a gentleman, and I see very plainly is so; and to be certain the house is well known to be a house of as good reputation as any on the road, and though I say it, is frequented by gentry of the best quality, both Irish and English.
For, if I am not mistaken, he was about seventy years old at his death, forty of which were spent in the practice of his profession; and during all that time he had a good reputation, which to this day he retains: and not only Protagoras, but many others are well spoken of; some who lived before him, and others who are still living.
One can survive everything nowadays, except death, and live down anything except a good reputation.
For instance, at his second visit, after he had received Dounia's consent, in the course of conversation, he declared that before making Dounia's acquaintance, he had made up his mind to marry a girl of good reputation, without dowry and, above all, one who had experienced poverty, because, as he explained, a man ought not to be indebted to his wife, but that it is better for a wife to look upon her husband as her benefactor.
Well, an' he had a good reputation tu; so it's all right.
I believe you fairly and justifiably claim to have a pretty good reputation in that line, isn't it so?
Like all good reputations, Gladys," interrupted Lord Henry.
com helps make a good reputation valuable again," says Scott Pitchford, President of iKarma Inc.
Those makers that have a good reputation for building safe and reliable larger cars tend to do a good job with smaller models.
ERA Digital Media has a very good reputation in the region as the market leader in bringing TV, video and multi-media content to 3G streaming platforms.
We've got a pretty good reputation around the district.
A huge demand for energy resources, as well as Alfa Laval's good reputation with successful references, creates large potentials for the company within the energy sector.