good samaritan

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The Good Samaritan's act of taking care of the victim begins the victim's healing, and he also heals the community.
Note that Jesus' teaching about the Good Samaritan is very similar to his parable of the Last Judgment.
With the number of abandoned mines estimated to be as high as 500,000, Good Samaritans are needed to take necessary actions to clean up some of these sites.
Good Samaritan is a term that originates from the parable told by Jesus in the Bible, Luke 10:25-37, about a Samaritan (a man from a country called Samaria) who helps out a Jewish man who is ambushed by thieves and left to die.
The good Samaritan left before Farley could get his name, police said.
The police will not compel the Good Samaritan to disclose his or her name, identity, address and other such details in the police record form or log register.
EOS imaging (Paris:EOSI), a pioneer in 2D/3D orthopaedic medical imaging, announced on Wednesday the sale of an EOS system to Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital in Downers Grove, Illinois, outside of Chicago.
A YOUNG woman took to social media to find two good Samaritans who saved her father's life at the side of a road.
If you think you can help Mrs Johnson to find her good Samaritan, email
The story of the good Samaritan has always challenged me.
He previously served as vice chairman of strategic growth and research in the department of medicine at both MedStar Good Samaritan and MedStar Union Memorial hospitals, and as medical director of the Good Health Center at MedStar Good Samaritan Hospital.
A Good Samaritan off-duty doctor came to his aid and he was later taken to hospital where the full extent of his injuries was discovered.