good standing

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Certified General Real Estate Appraiser by the Real Estate Appraiser Board of the Commonwealth of Virginia who is in good standing, the Virginia license number shall be provided with the Bid response.
DCECU members received these givebacks via a year-end loan interest rebate, which rebated borrowers in good standing 50% of the total interest they paid on all eligible DCECU loans during 2012; a member saver reward, which gave depositors in good standing an additional 50% of the dividends/interest they earned on DCECU deposits in 2012; DCECU Visa check card rebates of 0.
com)-- The luxury home builders Apchin Design Corp has just announced that they have maintained their good standing with “Traveller's Guarantee” after another successful year of creating home designs and providing homebuilding services for customers worldwide.
Jeremy Ring, D-Margate, proposed an amendment that would have made a further constitutional change by requiring that lawyers seeking to become trial judges have been members in good standing with The Florida Bar for 10 years--the same requirement as for district court of appeal judges and Supreme Court justices.
Contractors qualifying for benefits under this retooling initiative must have a valid business license, be in good standing with the Inland Revenue Department, be in good standing with Social Security and be in good standing with the St Kitts-Nevis Building Contractors Association.
To be elected a Fellow of the Society, a candidate shall have demonstrated outstanding achievement in the field of plastics engineering, science or technology, or in the management of such activities, shall be sponsored, in writing, by the Board of Directors of at least one Section, or Division, [begin strikethrough]or[end strikethrough] Special Interest Group, or by a Committee of the Society organized for this purpose, shall have a minimum of eighteen experience credits and shall have been a Senior Member in good standing for six consecutive years.
The Proposed Bylaw changes to: Underlined material is the new additional material Article V: Dues Section 4 Special Member Dues Categories sub section (a) (4) Graduates of the basic nursing programs for a first year of membership if initiated within six (6) months following graduation and those members who are continuing in a second year of membership following the conditions of (b), for those who were members in good standing of the Student Nurses Association of South Carolina.
She understood from information from the Nursing Council here that the nurses were all legitimate registered nurses in Zimbabwe but that some of the certificates of good standing may be false.
of good standing," and that "we have made every effort into supplying our required support, what the members can do, for one of the members who is under this restructuring process.
Work and people now move easily across geographic lines, and qualified, licensed CPAs in good standing should be able to practice in more than one state or jurisdiction without undergoing a time-consuming, redundant licensing process in each.
If you are a CPA business technologist (and/or an employer who has CPA business technologists on staff in good standing as a member of the AICPA with an unrevoked CPA certificate issued by a state authority), you can qualify if you have the following additional training, experience or credentials:
At its most elemental levels, Winning Legally represents a lawyer's seasoned advice about how companies should view the law, and how to use their own legal resources--and not just to keep out of jail or to stay in good standing with regulators, Bagley, a former securities attorney who teaches at Harvard Business School, aims to show how the law can be used proactively to help businesses frame their strategic drives.