good standing

References in classic literature ?
To-day we number four Emperors of the Abnormal Proboscis in good standing - doubles every four weeks, see?
But they were of good standing, had always been considered truthful, were sober at the time of the occurrence, and nothing ever transpired to discredit their sworn account of their extraordinary adventure, concerning the truth of which, nevertheless, public opinion was divided, throughout the United Kingdom.
Perhaps, if all were known, the Marquis was not her kinsman at all, nor her mother, her mother; but there was evidence that, in Berlin, where we had first come across the pair, they had possessed acquaintances of good standing. As for the Marquis himself, I doubt to this day if he was a Marquis--although about the fact that he had formerly belonged to high society (for instance, in Moscow and Germany) there could be no doubt whatever.
You have known my father and my kin: is not my family one of good standing and repute?"
"Blamed little he'd work in that shop, or any other shop in Oakland, if he didn't keep in good standing with the Blacksmiths.
The Dyspeptics, too, are people of good standing in the world.
Almost at the same moment, Afanasy Ivanovitch Totski, a man of immense wealth, high connections, and good standing, announced his intention of marrying.
Keeping the country on the 'White List' of IMO means that the Philippines is still in good standing in the maritime industry and the country has reached the global seafaring standard .
While these inquiries are easily answered (no, no, yes), I trip over my words every time I'm asked, "What does it mean to be a Catholic in good standing?"
Lyft will pay a cash bonus of: $1,000 to drivers in good standing who have completed at least 10,000 rides but fewer than 20,000 rides on its platform as of February 25, 2019; $10,000 to drivers in good standing who have completed at least 20,000 rides on its platform as of February 25, 2019; or $1,000 to drivers in good standing who are serving on, or who have served on, its Driver Advisory Council as of February 25, 2019.
 Voting members are the only ones who have a say, and furthermore, only those who are currently in good standing with their membership dues can even cast a vote during the final rounds of voting.