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The Good Thinking Society estimates PS4m is spent on homeopathy by different NHS trusts each year - PS30,000 in Liverpool.
He said Malala emphasized the importance of girls education and expressed the confidence that every youth would adopt such a good thinking instead of violence or extremism.
But even though City have lost AWOL talisman Tevez, with the unhappy star being linked with a pounds 25million January switch to AC Milan, Dalglish believes it will not do Liverpool any good thinking City are weaker - because now they have Sergio Aguero.
It's no good thinking and waiting for the next one in England in 2015.
Good thinking, but you would have to have a childminder in the back and I fear robotics have not exactly proceeded apace with that idea.
EVERYBODY loves their house - you wouldn't live there otherwise, but it's no good thinking that the right buyer will just come along and appreciate the property as you do.
Whether you are winning or losing, it is no good thinking too much about it.
Good thinking on their part as, like the Cheltenham situation, this is one rugby game that is attracting huge interest, far in excess of any other international game, because of Ireland's attempt to win the grand slam for the first time since 1948.
When good thinking goes bad; how your brain can have a mind of its own.
Still, for those willing to navigate through some of these abstract passages, there is plenty of good thinking about the creative process and how it has successfully been applied to products that are central to our daily lives.