good to eat

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And now that nothing grows in our back yard that is good to eat, we must go where there is food.
Yes, yes,' answered the mouse, 'by all means go, and if you get anything very good to eat, think of me.
I never thought that things good to eat could be so dis'gree'ble.
As we were in a place abounding with oysters--some of which were large and good to eat, others more smooth and shining, in which pearls are found--they gave me some of those they gathered; but whether it happened by trifling our time away in oyster- catching, or whether the wind was not favourable, we came to Suaquem later than the vessel I had left, in which were seven of my companions.
Also, we found several kinds of seaweed that were good to eat.
But Billina found the grasshopper hard and lifeless, and suspecting it was not good to eat she quickly dropped it instead of letting it slide down her throat.
The fish, thinking they might be good to eat, came to the top of the water in great numbers.
The things are hard and cold, and by no means good to eat.
Ghek had never seen an ulsio, since these great Martian rats had long ago disappeared from Bantoom, their flesh and blood having been greatly relished by the kaldanes; but Ghek had inherited, almost unimpaired, every memory of every ancestor, and so he knew that ulsio inhabited these lairs and that ulsio was good to eat, and he knew what ulsio looked like and what his habits were, though he had never seen him nor any picture of him.
There it stands, on its two hind-legs, club in hand, immensely potential, passionate and wrathful and loving, god and mystery and power all wrapped up and around by flesh that bleeds when it is torn and that is good to eat like any flesh.
He has not judgment enough to know what is good to eat from what isn't.
Warm chocolate cake - Yael Rose -- Flickr Eating chocolate feels good: yes, this does not need proof, but here is why it feels good to eat chocolate: when you fall in loveae your brain releases a chemical called PEA or phenylethylamine, spiking your endorphins and making you feel great.