good to eat

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I never thought that things good to eat could be so dis'gree'ble.
But Billina found the grasshopper hard and lifeless, and suspecting it was not good to eat she quickly dropped it instead of letting it slide down her throat.
As we were in a place abounding with oysters--some of which were large and good to eat, others more smooth and shining, in which pearls are found--they gave me some of those they gathered; but whether it happened by trifling our time away in oyster- catching, or whether the wind was not favourable, we came to Suaquem later than the vessel I had left, in which were seven of my companions.
And now that nothing grows in our back yard that is good to eat, we must go where there is food.
The things are hard and cold, and by no means good to eat.
Moreover, these gentry who lead snug lives in government offices may talk and talk, but their words are not good to eat, so I have come back here again to draw my pay out of the commonalty," he said, striking the mud with his spade.
The villagers thought this was a miracle so cooked the peas and found them good to eat.
4) It's good to eat yoghurt at dinner, which is rich in calcium, and a handful of nuts, because your body continues to build and restore muscle tissue and bone while you sleep.
The 3 year incubated project run by Madison Square Ventures aims to fill a gap in food websites and apps, getting back to the basics of what is good to eat nearby, in a simple list.
I like the chicken wraps and the salad selections - it's good to eat healthily.
August 31, 1915: A Huddersfield soldier wrote from the front to say others should join up, adding "it would do them good to eat their meals with shells flying over them and no feather bed to lie upon.
Many dogs make a beeline for cat poop outdoors or indoors in litter trays, they find it so good to eat.