good treatment

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He assured them of good treatment among the Crows, the principal chiefs and warriors of whom he knew; they would soon become great men among them, and have the finest women, and the daughters of the chiefs for wives; and the horses and goods they carried off would make them rich for life.
However, if a child with asthma and allergies receives a proper diagnosis as well as a good treatment plan, and caregivers help a child take medications properly and reduce exposure to environmental triggers, the complications from asthma can be controlled and a child's quality of life greatly improved.
But we were very surprised to find that the blocking compound works quickly over a few days to improve memory in old mice suggesting it might be a good treatment for the already elderly.
Dr Oates added: "It is often very difficult to tell if a patient actually has meningitis because GPs carry out such prompt and good treatment with antibiotics.
MUSE is a good treatment option for men with diabetes and/or vascular disease especially because it has few systemic side effects," said Kenneth Snow, MD, Medical Director of the Joslin-Lahey Diabetes & Endocrinology Center in Peabody, MA and a lead investigator in this trial.
I think one of the reasons he has lived so long is he has had good treatment in Libya, and he has been returned to his family and his community and his country.
In this paper, Ragde argues that seed implantation offers a simple treatment method with low complications and may be a good treatment option for many men with early stage prostate cancer.
Whenever she came here, she has received good treatment, she is a national heritage, I never thought of giving bad accommodation to her or any other athlete.
We don't have any good treatment alternatives in cases where the tumour returns after hormone therapy, and this means that it is particularly important to study how such tumours are controlled and how they behave.
The Saudi rehabilitation program entices prisoners with gifts and good treatment and releases them to their families' custody when they sign pledges to abandon terror.
When Sheen's doctor says that he has "undetectable" amount of virus in his body, it means he is getting very good treatment and is almost no infectious risk.
Sahakyan hailed the UAE's wise policies at global level, expressing his appreciation to the UAE's government and people for good treatment received by the Armenian community in the country.