good turn

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Norman and Cap had a good turn round the handler's post and a nice line up the first leg of the drive and through the gates.
Against PNG, Rahul produced good turn and ended up having three of their five batsmen stumped.
One Good Turn was set up six years ago to provide items ranging from smart suits for people attending job interviews to cookers and sofas for needy families as well as advice for people in crisis.
She moves good and travels well and she has just shown she has a very good turn of foot.
While I knew this tactic played by the brands here, I also wondered whether the brands themselves and the profile they profiles they carried weren't good enough to attract a good turn out at their events.
Despite generally good reviews, One Good Turn doesn't live up to Case Histories in power or complexity.
He's very athletic and has got a good turn of foot.
Organiser Frankie Hobro said: "It looks as though we will get a good turn out.
5 : a helpful or useful act : good turn <My neighbor did me a service by retrieving my dog.
But give the bloke credit, he's done us a right good turn in his Grand National special offer - Vic will refund all stakes on horses which fall in the Aintree marathon and claims it will cost him pounds 1million, in my bets alone.
The first book to be featured as part of the Tesco Book Club is Innocent Traitor by Alison Weir, and the next will be Kate Atkinson's One Good Turn.
It was an excellent night with a good turn out, and present for the occasion were club president Morgan Davey, Cardiff Blues prop Taufaao Filise, Cardiff Blues wing Mosese Luveitasau and Ospreys centre Andrew Bishop.