good turn

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Sons of the Fallen: A Live Tribute to Our Military Heroes showcases the boys, ranging in age from seven to 17, who lost their fathers serving the United States as they live together for a week at "One Good Turn Ranch" sharing experiences they typically would have had with their fathers.
One Good Turn deserves another, so if you have unwanted smart clothes hanging in the wardrobe you know where to send them.
More than 100,000 Scouts Canada Members will do a Good Turn April 14-22
Compiled by Paul Delplanque In association with GIRL CYCLE POWER: This trio of St Trinian's tearaways were doing a good turn on their bikes on a 20-mile round trip to raise cash for charity.
MY WEEK Punting high Pass Punting low The usual five winners when chasing the Jackpot on Saturday Eyecatcher Clive Cox's Beacon Lodge showed a really good turn of foot in the Celebration Mile.
Ed Parsons, Llyn Brenig site controller, said: "This is a great walk which year on year attracts a good turn out and is always enjoyed by everyone who takes part.
Gateshead district bus manager Alan Douglas said: "We hope to see a good turn out for what should be an extremely worthwhile event, which gives us the opportunity to take note of passenger feedback.
Q I LIKE to do people a good turn and, being at home, raising a young family, I became everyone's first port of call in a storm.
In One Good Turn, her second thriller and sixth book, the deft and tricky British author Kate Atkinson shows again, in her inimitable bleakly funny way, how much easier it is to explain a death than to solve a life.
When his social studies teacher (Kevin Spacey) sets his class a project to change the world, Trevor invents a karmic chain letter - do a good turn for three people and instead of paying you back they have to do a favour for three others.
And hopefully we're doing the local dance companies a good turn by getting audiences to see dance, because I've heard people in the lobby saying, `Gee, we've got our own ballet company, too.
Communities 4Kids today announced the launch of One Good Turn Ranch 4Kids (http://www.