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Porter, an unattractive, rather absurd, but good-hearted woman of forty-six.
So he went up and laid his big hand on young Stubble's shoulder, and backed up that young champion, and told him if he would leave off brandy and water he would be a good soldier, as he always was a gentlemanly good-hearted fellow.
Of course, being a good-hearted man, he liked men rather than he disliked them, and so too with the peasants.
Already, at three o'clock, Kezia, the good-hearted, bad-tempered housemaid, who regarded all people that came to the sale as her personal enemies, the dirt on whose feet was of a peculiarly vile quality, had begun to scrub and swill with an energy much assisted by a continual low muttering against "folks as came to buy up other folk's things," and made light of "scrazing" the tops of mahogany tables over which better folks than themselves had had to--suffer a waste of tissue through evaporation.
It was good to see a much-maligned sport be put in a good light with the 50,000 fans enjoying the city (and the rain) in good-hearted spirits.
York is buyable as a good-hearted statesman thrust upon a throne for which he's not ideally suited, but he's nobody's best choice for a non-thinker.
Everybody's favorite crew of good-hearted babysitters is back in this second graphic novel from Scholastic's Graphix line.
When Wood first received the script (which she says was then titled The Movie That Will Never Get Made), she was being offered the role of Kimberly's best friend, Brittany, who's much like Wood's previous roles: good-hearted girls who find themselves at the edge of some acutely adult decisions.
The novel switches pace from a languid tale of good-hearted people beset by adversities to a fast- paced murder mystery.
However, the incident was not a reflection on the evening which was enjoyed by most of the good-hearted 10,000 crowd.
He loves their good-hearted nature and the camaraderie of how backbreaking work binds them together.
At least come up with something that is somewhat legitimate," Lyon says with a good-hearted laugh.