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In her film, Cynthia Roberts sets up a sort of Platonic ideal of the sex worker: Bubbles Galore is both shamelessly raunchy, and as good-hearted as a bodhisattva.
Heller is a perfect match for good-hearted and restless Moose Flanagan and provides especially distinct vocalizations for even the most minor character.
Here is King reacting to big city racial politics by making concrete demands for change rather than appealing to the good-hearted conscience of white America.
As Lord Rochester, a good-hearted debauchee, he stands out in an enticing cast that includes The Full Monty's Robert Carlyle, Johnny Lee Miller of Trainspotting, and Liv Tyler as a ballsy aristocrat.
Kay approaches Joss (nee Josephine) from all angles short chapters of testimony from the grieving widow, the angry son, the surprised undertaker, the good-hearted drummer, the sleazy biographer, the unsuspecting mother, the childhood crush.
A few other colorful characters, including a miller and his family and a good-hearted smuggler, pop in and out of the plot to help Kate and Thomas battle the vicar.