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Collaborative service delivery cannot casually transpire given the of happenstance of faculty friendships, coincidental scheduling, room proximity, or the good-heartedness of a few willing teachers.
Neither command-and-control environmental dictates nor corporate good-heartedness.
The many ways that local people have contributed to this appeal are too numerous to mention but Global Care would like to take this opportunity to pay a huge tribute to the people of the area for their enormous generosity and good-heartedness.
Pope John Paul II recognised his good-heartedness and selfless charity work by awarding him a Knight Cross of St Gregory in a Vatican ceremony.
Members of the martyr's family Abdulwaheed extended heartfelt thanks and appreciation to HRH Premier for his kind gesture reflecting his good-heartedness.
While the film's good-heartedness is never in doubt, Vaughn never quite shakes off the creepiness factor of one man fathering all those children, then stalking them, however benignly.
As a leader, President Reagan personified not only the economic and military strength of our nation but the compassion and good-heartedness of a man who believed that it was 'morning again in America.
Mr Kidney underestimates the good-heartedness of the general public.
I was deeply impressed by the Bahrain people's good-heartedness, warm reception and welcome for a foreigner.
Today, we meet more special people and hear their tales of courage, bravery and good-heartedness.
He's perhaps a little less dynamic than most but possesses the essential good-naturedness and good-heartedness of the Brummie stereotype.