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No, grandchildren - honestly, Towie, if you do that, I can't sit good-naturedly rocking - it's not like today.
Artists, who are generally title-conscious, may not take to such an ambassadorial title good-naturedly, so we propose tweaking it somehow.
In addition to urging Hempfest's many pot smokers not to drive while high or distribute weed to minors, it also good-naturedly suggested that they "listen to Dark Side of the Moon at a reasonable volume.
But the comic took it all good-naturedly and accepted the inevitable.
The mystery reveller - believed to be a representative of npower - is turfed off the stage good-naturedly by Craig Bellamy on Saturday
Purple Man can usually be found in York's historic Stonegate - often riding a purple bicycle with his coat and scarf billowing in the wind, playing a purple electric guitar or carrying a paintpot and brush and good-naturedly offering to paint people purple.
The First Lady good-naturedly answered questions that about everything from what's inside her purse to what's under her husband's suit, the New York Daily News reported.
Her feisty portrayal and impeccable comic timing made her a tomboy to reckon with--a challenging match for baritone Theodore Baerg's Sulpice as they good-naturedly arm-wrestled during "Au bruit de la guerre," and for mezzo Rebecca Hass's haughty Marquise of Berkenfield when Marie later fumbles with an Ascot-sized bonnet or shrieks off-key in her "aunt's" salon.
Peter good-naturedly deflects the questioning, and then it turns a little ugly.
Bob sleeps late, but when we contacted him by phone, he good-naturedly agreed to help.
Some of the most influential agents at this sale have inspected Born To Run, who has drawn plenty of comment about how good-naturedly she handles the buzz and fuss of the sales.
Then he good-naturedly leaned on them to sign and turn in 3-by-5-inch cards specifying what they will do to help the cause, even ordering his sons, Lawrence and Steve Lohr, to stand guard at the door and collect the cards as people filed out after his speech.