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Tips: A good-quality vodka should be smooth and odorless.
Mike suggested that if you come across some good-quality ones, buy them.
Objective: To assess the role of good-quality embryos in acquiring pregnancy after intracytoplasmic sperm injection and to predict factors required for development of embryos.
Linear regression was employed to determine unadjusted and adjusted estimate of effect of different factors on good-quality embryo.
There was an inverse correlation of body mass index with good-quality embryo (r=-0.131).
"Good-quality seeds are also important because of changing weather patterns as these will cope with harsh weather conditions, fit in changing crop rotations and most importantly provide much-needed economic benefits to the farmers," the agri scientists unanimously said.
Tenders are invited for tender for Training activities in the framework of good-quality care field, reg CZ.1.04/3.1.03/A7.00032
The contract is to provide educational activities within the Projeto good-quality care field: part 1) A training module for workers in social services and social workers Providing accredited training courses for continuing education for social workers and social service workers in accordance with A* 111 paragraph 2 point.
Here are some tips on how best to present it: n Use good-quality, white A4 paper.
These materials and systems characterize neighboring buildings, so they were viewed as good-quality substitutions that .are durable and complement the architecture of the existing campus.
100g butter, softened; 125g soft light brown sugar; 1 medium egg; 150g self-raising flour; 50g good-quality plain chocolate, chopped; 50g good-quality milk chocolate, chopped; 50g good-quality white chocolate, chopped
Acorns Children's Hospice Trust - which has a base in Bridge Street, Nuneaton - is soon to launch its spring collection and needs good-quality summer clothes.