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We're focused on giving the consumer a good-tasting product that is pure and easy to digest, that isn't messy but has a long shelf life.
We want good-tasting, healthy, high-quality produce every day of the year," Burdett adds.
But that hasn't stopped her from joining the scientists' quest for a good-tasting broccoli snack.
And if you like fruit in your cottage cheese, find a good-tasting plain brand and cut in a little fresh fruit of your own.
What I would like to mention are some uncommon frozen items and ways of using them that can leave them almost as pure and good-tasting as when first taken from the garden.
People no longer have to make a special trip to health food stores because good-tasting soy products are available on shelves of mainstream grocery stores and supermarkets," adds Geri Berdak, director of public affairs for The Solae Company, St.
Readers attending the Boston Veggie Festival this October will have an opportunity to sample these good-tasting products.
Just figure out how to produce a good-tasting fat-free cheese.