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Nicholas and the good-tempered man found so many things to talk about, that between conversing together, and cheering up the boys, the time passed with them as rapidly as it could, under such adverse circumstances.
At Eton Slocomb there was a good coach dinner, of which the box, the four front outsides, the one inside, Nicholas, the good-tempered man, and Mr Squeers, partook; while the five little boys were put to thaw by the fire, and regaled with sandwiches.
Tulliver was what is called a good-tempered person,--never cried, when she was a baby, on any slighter ground than hunger and pins; and from the cradle upward had been healthy, fair, plump, and dull-witted; in short, the flower of her family for beauty and amiability.
To be as calmly good-tempered at the end of the day as at the beginning.
Marilyn said: "What a superb little lady we have - such a good-tempered girl and very sweet.
Yet, according to eyewitnesses, it had been a sporting, good-tempered match before the sending off.
Things start slowly and are colored by the typical sarcastic but good-tempered Czech humor.
But he worked, and died, in St Helens on Merseyside, where his colleagues in the Borough Police Force described him as "an affable, good-tempered young fellow, brave as a lion, and at all times to be relied on in the performance of his duty".
Therapy dogs are usually part of a volunteer program that is made up of naturally good-tempered, docile, and friendly house pets.
The idea was to check that she could have children, was good-tempered and had the right "moral qualities.
He's so good-tempered and the), really contributed to that.
Company stage manager Meryl Cooper says: "The dog doesn't need to be able to do any fancy tricks, but must be good-tempered and capable of staying still on command.