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In an interview in Grand Forks, the normally good-tempered jazz great Louis "Satchmo" lacerated President Eisenhower for his handling of the Little Rock school integration crisis and set off a diplomatic firestorm by calling off a planned State Department-sponsored tour of Russia in protest.
He is a very good-tempered horse and travelling was not a problem for him," said Oxx.
A GOOD-TEMPERED person should be selected as the first to kiss a new baby, as good influence will persist through life.
He said the "thoughtful and good-tempered contest" had shown the party was the most united in Britain around the key issues.
Was the discussion lively but good-tempered throughout?
The selection of papers printed here, vetted in the normal fashion by Conradiana's readers, can give only a hint of the good-tempered, lively, and wholly serious endeavors of the conference itself.
Ramsden is a good-tempered truth-seeker, not a malevolent muckraker.
The normally good-tempered animals stand 17 or 18 hands (six feet or 1.
That's a tenth of the cost of a dog like Babette, a rare long-haired and good-tempered Chihuahua, said Shirley Gooch, who bred Babette and sold her to Torgerson nearly two years ago.
Galton envisioned men selected "primarily or even exclusively for their intellects" matched with graceful, beautiful, good-tempered, and affectionate women (87).
The march itself was a good-tempered affair with the constant chant: "Save our A&E" reverberating around the town centre.
MAN IN BLACK BOBBY MADDEN had an easy day at the office as he was allowed to stroll through a good-tempered contest which failed to produce a single card.