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In an interview in Grand Forks, the normally good-tempered jazz great Louis "Satchmo" lacerated President Eisenhower for his handling of the Little Rock school integration crisis and set off a diplomatic firestorm by calling off a planned State Department-sponsored tour of Russia in protest.
He is a very good-tempered horse and travelling was not a problem for him," said Oxx.
A GOOD-TEMPERED person should be selected as the first to kiss a new baby, as good influence will persist through life.
He said the "thoughtful and good-tempered contest" had shown the party was the most united in Britain around the key issues.
Was the discussion lively but good-tempered throughout?
The selection of papers printed here, vetted in the normal fashion by Conradiana's readers, can give only a hint of the good-tempered, lively, and wholly serious endeavors of the conference itself.
Ramsden is a good-tempered truth-seeker, not a malevolent muckraker.
The normally good-tempered animals stand 17 or 18 hands (six feet or 1.
Galton envisioned men selected "primarily or even exclusively for their intellects" matched with graceful, beautiful, good-tempered, and affectionate women (87).
The march itself was a good-tempered affair with the constant chant: "Save our A&E" reverberating around the town centre.
MAN IN BLACK BOBBY MADDEN had an easy day at the office as he was allowed to stroll through a good-tempered contest which failed to produce a single card.