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"He's so good-tempered and the), really contributed to that.
He edged out rival candidate -- the president of the old House and DIKO leader Marios Garoyian -- by a single vote, in what proved a civilised and good-tempered affair.
This was though a good-tempered match, and a revealing one: David, who looked as though she had a couple of challengers breathing down her neck a year ago, now looks far ahead of the field.
REFWATCH CRAIG THOMSON can be more than happy with his performance, although the players made life easy for him in a good-tempered 90 minutes.
A spokesman said: "The mood was very constructive and good-tempered. It was a discussion that covered a wide range of issues."
Thus what distinguishes "the good-tempered man from other men is that he becomes angry on the right occasions and seeks revenge when he ought to," being neither vindictive nor having indiscriminate preference for revenge.
In an interview in Grand Forks, the normally good-tempered jazz great Louis "Satchmo" lacerated President Eisenhower for his handling of the Little Rock school integration crisis and set off a diplomatic firestorm by calling off a planned State Department-sponsored tour of Russia in protest.
"He is a very good-tempered horse and travelling was not a problem for him," said Oxx.
As for anger, I hope it's Aristotle's virtuous anger characteristic of the "good-tempered" person.
A GOOD-TEMPERED person should be selected as the first to kiss a new baby, as good influence will persist through life.
He said the "thoughtful and good-tempered contest" had shown the party was the most united in Britain around the key issues.
Yesterday, a spokesman for the Royal Navy, paid tribute to a "well-loved", "good-tempered" sailor.