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So passd they naked on, nor shund the sight Of God or Angel, for they thought no ill: So hand in hand they passd, the lovliest pair That ever since in loves imbraces met, ADAM the goodliest man of men since borne His Sons, the fairest of her Daughters EVE.
And he will take your menservants and your maidservants, and your goodliest young men, and your asses, and put them to his work.
Donning the armor has a transformative effect on the unnamed young man: suddenly "he seemed the goodliest man in al that company, and was well liked of the Lady," after which, Spenser's Letter informs us, "beginneth the first booke, vz.
14) Stubbes found that while he who spends lavishly at ales was "counted the goodliest man of all," he who cannot was sometimes "counted one destitute both of virtue and goodness" (I3r).
Also valuable is Brett Foster's '"The Goodliest Place in This World': Early Tudor Reactions to Papal Rome," mainly because the author shows English writers from the early Middle Ages onward focused on the Classical--profane--city, its ruins and monuments, as well as the features of St.
1, "Believe me, sir, she is the goodliest woman / That ever lay by man; which when the people / Had the full view of, such a noise arose / As the shrouds made at sea in a stiff tempest, / As loud, and to as many tunes" (69-73), one sensed that this charming young woman was a highly desirable antidote to Katherine for more than the members of Henry's court.
In Tragedies, (the goodliest Argument of all, and for the vse, either of a learned preacher, or a Ciuill Ientleman, more profitable than Homer, Pindar, Virgill, and Horace: yea comparable in myne opinion, with the doctrine of Aristotle, Plato, and Xenophon,) the Grecians, Sophocles and Euripides far ouer match our Seneca in Latin.