goodness and mercy

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Osh mayor congratulated city residents of holy Kurman Ait holiday and noted that this holiday strengthens the unity of the people, embodies goodness and mercy, as well as promotes spiritual and moral self-improvement, calls for tolerance and mercy, respect for elders and respect for the memory of the deceased.
The Cherubim and Seraphim Church (Mountain of Goodness and Mercy) Nigeria, in conjunction with the New Hope Church of God, United States of America (USA), has concluded a three-day intensive community intervention programme that impacted on the lives of hundreds of poor and middle-class people in the Agege area of Lagos state.
Sheikh Mohamed prayed to the Almighty to make it a month of goodness and mercy for all - and protect the sons (security personnel) in the fields of duty.
"Islam is a religion of goodness and mercy, dialogue and cooperation, justice and love," he underlined, rejecting attempts to accuse Islam of terror.
Instead of rejoicing over the goodness and mercy of God for sinners, they were still so focused on their merits, expecting privileges because of their righteousness.
Far from it - it means challenging evil to have any stake, or right or activity - to take the mask from the tyrant, and hold only to divine goodness and mercy as present.
This condemnation of religious pride is grounded in an awareness of universal human estrangement from God, together with gratitude for the surprising goodness and mercy of God.
Shirley, Goodness and Mercy: A Childhood Memoir by Chris van Wyk Picador Africa, pb, pp312, 7.99 [pounds sterling]
A close reading of the document reveals that the overall tone of the new Missal--with its strong emphasis on the sacredness of the divine liturgy and our dependence on God's goodness and mercy, and our own unworthiness--contrasts markedly with the colloquial approach of the present translation.
Thus it is through organizations that the "Goodness and Mercy of God" will be made available to individuals suffering from ill health.
As the great moral teachers remind us, much of the "bad stuff," including evil, presents itself to us in the guise of light and goodness and mercy. This makes the task of critical reflection on one's own cultural moment a daunting task indeed.
What a person you were, grandfather, what power and goodness and mercy you had!