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The rest of the guests (an old tutor or schoolmaster, goodness knows why invited; a young man, very timid, and shy and silent; a rather loud woman of about forty, apparently an actress; and a very pretty, well-dressed German lady who hardly said a word all the evening) not only had no gift for enlivening the proceedings, but hardly knew what to say for themselves when addressed.
As if anyone could have any right there after all the money we have spent fencing it on three sides, and building up the wall by the road, and levelling, and planting, and draining, and goodness knows what else!
'I must openly admit that I have no pretensions,' said Flora, 'but having known the dear little thing which under altered circumstances appears a liberty but is not so intended and Goodness knows there was no favour in half-a-crown a-day to such a needle as herself but quite the other way and as to anything lowering in it far from it the labourer is worthy of his hire and I am sure I only wish he got it oftener and more animal food and less rheumatism in the back and legs poor soul.'
Next, the butter--the sham and tasteless butter; no salt in it, and made of goodness knows what.
"Goodness knows, Uncle Pumblechook," said my sister (grasping the money), "we're deeply beholden to you."
This may seem extreme but, goodness knows, his people have tried pretty much everything else.
Pets are terrified on bonfire night, and goodness knows the effect it has on farm animals.
Goodness knows how many more breakdowns it has had.
I only watched the first episode of Peaky Blinders and it drove me mad to hear Liverpool accents and goodness knows what else instead of proper Birmingham accents.
Carol said: "The club has been in existence since 1902, it's survived two World Wars, a depression, and goodness knows what else, and it seems a shame now for it to just fade away.
And goodness knows we need as many female role models as we can find these days.