goods for sale

References in classic literature ?
He remembered that the last time he had been engaged in looking around him for the unknown something, he was standing before a cutler's shop, in the window of which were exposed certain goods for sale.
Compare the price of the goods for sale to similar goods for sale elsewhere on eBay.
Events will also include raffle items and baked goods for sale.
A number of times recently I have visited several charity shops to "donate" goods for sale only to find that some of the volunteers are not only choosy and picky but, in some cases, downright rude.
Raza Hassan, 21, who owned the stalls, pleaded guilty to 34 counts of offering counterfeit goods for sale.
Sgt Michael Bowden, of Calderdale police, said: "Although the vast majority of shops were found not to have any such goods for sale some did and so we have seized the items.
In recent weeks, officers have been told of several homeowners in the city being offered goods for sale, including big TVs and MP3 players, which have come from local burglaries.
Many companies advertising goods for sale over the Internet are breaching Trading Standards regulations, the Office of Fair Trading said yesterday.
The Ministry said there have been a recent spate of infractions of labeling standards by persons importing goods for sale in Barbados and that non-conforming goods will be refused entry.
The prices of the artworks were in line with those of other consumer goods for sale at adjacent stands.
of goods for sale, and read interviews with designers.