goods shipped

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They contained an account of goods shipped to the London house on board vessels sailing from Smyrna and Odessa, and they were signed by the masters of the ships, who thereby acknowledged the receipt of the goods, and undertook to deliver them safely to the persons owning them, as directed.
That's well short of the $291 million in goods shipped in 2014, and well below the $348.
The new rules increase the duties paid on goods shipped from abroad, another major source of foreign merchandise for the island.
1 million worth of goods shipped by the end August 2013, against a figure of OMR 158.
The Census Bureau continuously collects and processes this information to provide detailed statistics on goods shipped from the U.
28, 2012 (CENS) -- Established Taiwanese enterprises with AEO (authorized economic operator) status, such as HTC, will enjoy the preferential treatment of minimum inspection and fast customs clearance for goods shipped to the U.
taxes found to boost activity at Canadian, Mexican ports: Taxes collected on goods shipped through U.
There is no way we can receive payments for goods shipped to Iran.
In addition to Christmas gifts, there is also a larger number of consumer goods shipped into the North East ahead of the festive season such as sofas and plasma TVs.
7%) of goods shipped to the 27 EU member states between January and March.
The ONS said trade with non-European countries was likely to have been worse affected due to the greater share of goods shipped by air.