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Development and perspectives for community-based management of the goose barnacle (Pollicipes pollicipes) fisheries in Galicia (NW Spain).
birds eating goose barnacles, goose barnacles affecting other species), I used only experiments in which the intermediary species (goose barnacles) was either naturally absent (Wootton 1990) or was experimentally held to constant levels (Wootton 1994a).
Goose barnacles clinging to a buoy on Llanddwyn beach on Anglesey www.
Unless the colony is returned to the sea soon the goose barnacles will all die.
The area of the Rias Baxias is renowned for its wonderful goose barnacles and crevettes.
In this first instalment we travel to fishermen in Northern Spain, who put their lives on the line to collect highly valued goose barnacles, and to Indonesia and Brazil, looking at the amazing adaptability and ingenuity that enables humans to survive in the marine environment, and also explores the profound effect living by the sea has had on many cultures.
October to February is the harvesting season for Percebes or goose barnacles, a local delicacy, which can fetch pounds 100 a kilo.