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Caught a cab to the vice president's house this afternoon to check out a protest by Bushies who want Al Gore to vacate what they now consider to be Dick Cheney's pad.
THE PRINCE OF TENNESSEE: The Rise of Al Gore by David Maraniss and Ellen Nakashima Simon & Schuster, $23.
BURBANK - On the eve of the most important speech in his political career, Vice President Al Gore arrived in town Wednesday to a cheering hero's welcome, greeted by hundreds of party faithful who are counting on him to keep the White House in Democratic hands for four more years.
We are excited to join the Gores portfolio of companies," stated Pat Adams, President and CEO of Avure Technologies, Inc.
Conservative critics such as columnist Robert Novak found the sight "disgusting"; right-winger Cal Thomas thought that the Gores "should have gotten a room.
The Gores have been running and lifting weights together at home for months.
Gores plans to work together with management to maintain this position and also provide the support required to explore new growth opportunities for the business.
OB), one of the nation's leading providers of broadband telecommunications services, today issued the following statement in response to claims made by Gores Technology Group, LLC regarding its hiring of Mr.
Nasdaq:MUEI), today announced that Gores Technology Group will acquire the assets and liabilities of its PC business, in a transaction that may provide upside potential in the event of future sale of the business by Gores, and saves Micron Electronics' shareholders further losses on its PC business.
Gores Technology Group, a leading international technology and management company, and System Software Associates, Inc.
On March 2, the company signed a letter of intent with Gores Technology Group to sell the assets of the company's real-time business for approximately $5.
25, 1997--International high technology acquisition and business management specialist Gores Technology Group Tuesday announced the completion of its purchase of CSC Artemis, a subsidiary of Computer Sciences Corp.