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With their long limbs, cascading curls, dazzling white teeth, pert bottoms and air of general gorgeousness, these 47 models - known as Angels - were not at the front of the queue when they were giving out good looks, they bagged themselves priority access tickets.
How can we resist this type of style gorgeousness surely.
Joanne Young: "What with Tom and Cillian there will be too much gorgeousness in one place
My veil is protection for the gorgeousness of my face' reportedly echoed what many Muslim women mention as their reasons for wearing the hijab, niqab, or burqa, the Washington Times reports.
This range of gorgeousness is starting to arrive in stores now.
Excellent work from the Ex Cathedra Baroque Orchestra, not least the graceful double-bass of Kate Aldridge and the pastel gorgeousness of Rachel Brown's flute.
But never before has such fragile gorgeousness been so basic a part of the daily routine.
com/MileyCyrus/status/300407408293982208/photo/1) writing "Pregrammy gorgeousness.
And yet, as these pages also testify, the gentle gorgeousness and decency and shrewdness of the poetry is never far removed from the poet himself.
Gorgeousness does not come cheap, though, find it in John Lewis, priced pounds 88.
It was the age of the visual that dripped of gorgeousness and the illustration that could feature in art galleries.
I'm really looking forward to an evening of cosy and lovely gorgeousness, which will allow us to try some things out and let people hear what we're about.