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My definition of gory or vulgar may not agree with somebody else's.
Without the test, Jeff would have wound up in a heap and might not be here," Gory says.
To set the scene for your party pumpkin garlands, jumping spiders, witches cauldrons and gory glow in the dark decorations would be just perfect, and if you're planning to frighten the neighbours, a ready made Trick or Treat bag might come in handy.
The problem is that while creative destruction can appear bloodless and rational from an academic distance, looking at the process through the filter of your last pay stub--something guys like Schumpeter are never forced to do themselves--the phenomenon is a lot more gory and unpleasant.
I don't need him to learn about gory street crime or oral sex all at once through a shock-value video game.
That "friend," 23-year-old Gory Frahm, had been arrested the week before after leading police on a chase in the wake of a burglary at a house whose owner identified him as the culprit.
About 2,500 years ago, the Greek historian Herodotus described, in gory detail, how Scythian warriors of central Asia scalped vanquished foes.
Deitz, one half of "The Gory and Jay Show" on Lick, will launch the Homefront Radio Network Nov.
Schlosser doesn't pull any punches, explaining in gory detail exactly what lies behind the success of Happy Meals and other fast food creations.
In the one gory and truly tragic scene, our men catch hundreds of these elegant creatures, beat them to death, and butcher them until the deck runs with blood.
Also pictured, Holey Cow harks to cattle mutilations on Colorado's plains, speculated to be the gory work of bored aliens.
These plants not only look gory," says botanist Barry Meyers-Rice, a Nature Conservancy biologist, "they do gory stuff.