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Southern Gospel Magazine is an on line magazine with news about all your favorite Southern Gospel Artists, Christian Country and Bluegrass.
Two weeks ago a photographer from National Geographic came to capture images of our Gospel book, for a forthcoming issue of their magazine.
The Cathedral's Canon Chancellor, the Reverend Dr Pete Wilcox, said: "The Book of Kells dates from about the year 800; the St Chad Gospels date from about 70 years before that.
The middle chapters cover expected topics such as the nature of each Gospel, author, setting, and theological themes, but each with a distinctive focus: Matthew, the encounter with the old and the new, and its open-ended invitation to make the Gospel a new departure; Mark, the tension between the powerful Jesus and the rejected Messiah; Luke, offering "a powerful effect on the contemporary Church" by underlining "the sovereignty of God even in the midst of upheavals, trials and despair" (178).
Steve's book, British Black Gospel, explores the origins of gospel music in the UK.
The Passion Narrative is discussed briefly, also in comparison with the Gospel of Peter.
1) Gospel music also has evolved by integrating musical ideas and expressions from genres such as blues, jazz, rock, soul, classical, and country.
The Festival of Hope 08 on June 14will be a jam-packed day, with Gospel artists, musicians and dancers from the UK and around the world taking over to entertain and inspire.
The gospel, he writes "is a genre of communication which is at once particular and communicable, by virtue of the communicators' uncoerced and noncoercive submission to the host culture.
Nor can anyone say that the good reverend doesn't practice the prosperity gospel he preaches.
I know that this book by Maria Valtorta is not inspired by the Holy Spirit as the Gospels are, but I feel that there is more truth in Valtorta's book than in the Gospel of Judas.