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In other words, the scientific worldview relativizes the Gospel truth by treating philosophical speculations as primary.
Fantasy photos may leave us feeling inadequate but they should be prevented being held as Gospel truth from our youngsters.
Now I know the Highway Code states not to take any signal as gospel truth and to wait until one is certain of the other driver's intentions.
The Gospel truth is still here for us to read, receive and believe.
Tapping into the zeitgeist of American religious culture, The Gospel Truth is a beautiful vocalization of the kind of universal doubts that even the most devout probably have.
Stunned that the gospel truth was no longer the gospel truth.
There is a large body of people in this country who do not accept the Government's word as the gospel truth.
We believe that in the pluralistic society of North America, only a church that is politically and culturally independent can convince its own and others of gospel truth (Rom 1:16).
It seems like every week a new study is being released contradicting claims that had once been held as gospel truth.
The fab singer-songwriter was closer to the gospel truth.
By now, it's become gospel truth that the mobilization of religious conservatives won the 2004 election for George W.
Suddenly, I awoke as from a dream, beholding the wonderful life of the Gospel truth, and prayed for guidance towards piety" --Letter 232.