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Members of the favored unions told their wives, and the wives gossiped, and soon all the labor world knew what had happened.
If Genestas' name came up when the officers gossiped after drill, they were wont to classify him among the men who begin with taking the good-conduct prize at school, and who, throughout the term of their natural lives, continue to be punctilious, conscientious, and passionless--as good as white bread, and just as insipid.
When they gossiped in the evenings, over front gates and on door stoops, their voices were subdued and less of laughter rang out.
She read or worked in leisure hours when the rest gossiped.
Frank McAndrew, a psychology professor at Knox College adds, "Good gossip is not about frequency, but the threat of being gossiped about.
Even the risk they would be gossiped about could change people's behaviour, she said.
An analysis of three extended cases of gossip targeting people who due to their religious, marital and economic status stood somewhat removed from the community draw our attention to the public consequences of being gossiped about.