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It also shows how gossipers are meticulously scrutinizing the photographs for any information that might support their claims.
Confidently talk to everyone including the gossiper, telling them that you know someone is spreading rumours and that these are untrue.
This news-blog is the origin of a quip circulated in the Vietnamese cyberspace that sums up the state of affairs: The Gossiper communicates official news, while the official media merely gossips.
The findings related to "prosocial" gossip motivated by the urge to help others, and not malicious gossip, which is designed to damage another person's reputation or benefit the gossiper in some way.
Gossip, Besnier tells us, always implicates more people than the gossiper and his or her target, and the four central chapters of the book move progressively from microinteractions in the cooking hut to larger social spheres in which that talk has been consequential.
If you want to stop gossip in its tracks, ask the gossiper, "May I quote you on that?
Unless the narrator is a compulsive gossiper, there is usually a point to the story.
If it's premeditated, the gossiper may play the sympathetic friend when you spill your guts about a big problem like a breakup, family tragedy, or divorce.
For gossip has no better veil to attenuate and conceal its viciousness than when the gossiper implies that all he is saying are philosophical maxims, and that speaking ill is reprehending, and revealing the shortcomings of others is done with good intent.
Eight appendixes include: (1) Student Survey; (2) Counselor Survey; (3) Observation Checklist; (4) Agenda Book Activity; (5) "Odd Girl Out" Movie; (6) "Cliques, Phonies, and Other Baloney" Movie; (7) The Gossiper Story; and (8) Cross the Line Activity.
According to Thomas, having a reputation as a gossiper can ruin the viability of an employee.