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He said gossipers and rumor mongers have caused previous misunderstandings, feuds and conflicts among and between families, couples, neighbors and friends at Barangay Bacneng.
the gossipers talks to the protagonist, then the gossiper talks to the
BEIRUT: If news broadcasters, social media users and casual gossipers expressed shock at the brutal stabbing death of George al-Reef near Gemmayzeh last week, the inaction of multiple bystanders who witnessed the attack has been roundly decried as shameful cowardice.
There is plenty of material around us to keep the avid gossipers going for a while and if you are one of those who loves to sit and chat for hours, do not shy away from the habit
When the gossipers exit, she cries a little, but shows restraint and never breaks down.
Since up to 33 percent of the Hispanic population is comprised of people under the age of 18, Telemundo has created a digital group within the company to take full advantage of social media, to the point of producing Yo Soy El Artista, a show under the control of "100 influencers"--bloggers, vloggers and gossipers.
Interestingly, the gossipers do not discuss the content of Frank's message but rather the style in which it was written, assuming that the one reflects the other.
However, her social media account recently seen her outburst when she blasted gossipers on Twitter.
They are like gossipers telling the immune system what we are thinking (Pert, 1997).
It also shows how gossipers are meticulously scrutinizing the photographs for any information that might support their claims.
nannies, gossipers, exhausted tourists some of whom have just come from
He said that an NISS officer told him that journalists are nothing but gossipers seeking to create sedition and have no respect to the Rapid Support Force (RSF) which protects the nation.