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Kapag ganyan, masyado niyang dini-degrade ang pagka-presidente, bumababa ang tingin ng tao sa presidente na tsismoso, mali pa ang tsismis at hindi pa totoo, (when that happens, he is degrading his leadership, the people will think lowly of a president who is a gossipmonger, with gossip that is not even true.
The classic New Age explanation for homosexuality is derived from Edgar Cayce's explanation of karma in which he uses the example of a French court gossipmonger who, because he cruelly exposed homosexuals, reincarnated as a homosexual himself.
It started the night before Blumenthal began his new job, when the conservative gossipmonger Matt Drudge posted an item on his Web site falsely accusing him of spousal abuse.
These may include a supervisor, a set of more senior executives, a personal mentor(s), work peers and coworkers, the members of an informal group, subordinates, and even the firm's most notorious gossipmonger.
Which is to ask, finally, what are the differences between the gossipmonger and the real novelist?
The group were fronted by Melanie Masson, later to star on The X Factor, and featured Jane McCarry - gossipmonger Isa Drennan - on backing vocals.
It was using material cribbed from the gossipmonger Matt Drudge who, three days earlier, had written on the Internet that Newsweek had "killed" a story about a "sex relationship" between Clinton and a "23-year-old former White House intern.
And since The Captive Mind had been written basically for a foreign reader, Milosz added in the Polish preface, "What I am saying about those persons is well known in the literary circles in Warsaw" (CM, 10), while thirty years later, in conversation with Czarnecka in 1983, he explains his decision to use pseudonyms by saying simply: "Because I didn't want to be a gossipmonger.
A Czech reviewer called Skvorecky--without any negative intention--a genial gossipmonger.
You bring in a celebrity," the producer Tom D'Angora said in a statement about casting the gossipmonger.