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Boze Hadleigh has been publishing gossipy books about gay celebrity and cinema for nearly two decades.
If such entries seem gossipy, they have hit their mark.
This wealth of spellbinding detail creates a rather gossipy relationship between author and reader -- particularly since much of the evidence relates to intimate surgical operations.
Visitors landing at Providenciales, the most populated of the Caribbean's Turks and Caicos (kay-kos) Islands, are greeted with the sight of excavating cranes, while roaring bulldozers drone out the locals' gossipy banter.
At once high-minded and gossipy, Lebrecht knits together quite a story of what has happened to classical music, and it is not a pretty story.
Wade (Macmillan) is a thorough, exhaustive, chatty, and gossipy history of the movement for reproductive rights, beginning in the living rooms of Connecticut where the birth-control case (Griswold v.
offers creative opportunities to harmlessly (and anonymously) take revenge upon deserving individuals such as gossipy neighbors, rotten politicians, unfeeling bosses, overbearing jerks and nosy in-laws.
In a warmly gossipy letter he recalls: "When she asked me to perform Hilarion to her Giselle she gave me a lesson in Acting 101.
Claims that on-line photography will cause customers to abandon local photo processing retailers are fighting words to Goldstone, who is eminently trained to battle such gossipy illusions.
Known for digging deep into celebrities' personal lives, "Qasr Al Kalam" (The Palace Gossip) television host, Wafa Al Kilani , couldn't get a single gossipy detail out of the MBC Egypt show's guest, Egyptian actress Somaya Al Khashab.
There are fabulously gossipy stories about Catherine's "gluttony" for acquiring art, the outcry in Britain over the sale, and the perilous journey the paintings took to St Petersburg.
Freedom of the press is a valuable right but it is not a license for gossipy tabloids to tar and feather innocent citizens and destroy their reputations for the rags' profit," the documents said.