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Gray was best known for her role in the Australian soap, but also played gossipy neighbour Ida Jessup in The Sullivans.
wagging its gossipy tongue in the scented spring breeze.
ORDINARY LIES BBC1 9pm Mount Pleasant actress Sally Lindsay (above, who plays Kathy Kavanagh) takes centre stage tonight as juicy revelations about the gossipy PA's marriage unfold.
The gossipy news site set up a tournament bracket pitting what it deemed the 16 ugliest city accents in the United States against one another.
Now a reader, Eva, has sent me a delightful one she found in a hotel at Gatehouse of Fleet in Scotland: A gossipy tongue is a dangerous thing If its owner is thoughtless at heart.
Getting even more gossipy, Rayan criticised some quick-to-fame performers as getting to the top with their cash alone, not their vocal talent.
Cissie and Ada, the two gossipy old gals created by Les, aided and abetted by Roy Barraclough, appear in a new show called An Hysterical Rectomy.
Why does the Vatican prefer to listen to gossipy, backbiting, reputation-trashing, career-ruining opponents of Vatican II--which these complainers appear to believe is the only council in 2.000 years that has no authority?
Her close-knit group of gossipy wise-cracking friends are soon on hand to offer their advice, but it becomes clear they have romantic problems of their own.
As with his prior "Punks" and the various incarnations of "Noah's Arc," this is an enjoyable romp that touches on some serious issues while providing plenty of gossipy, quippy and hard-bodied escapism.
"The milling crowd at the YSL auction was echt urbane in the Paris way: lots of streaky, ratty hair and streaky, ratty furs; ephebic men in gossipy thrall; pretty young women of unclear purpose; deranged-looking dowagers being steered about; and, of course, dealers and clients."
And the strange rules will tell salon workers to have a regular 'social dialogue' - code for gossipy chats - to encourage 'mental wellbeing' in the workplace.