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5 to 4 kg seed of bitter gourd for per acre, he said and added that formers can contact agriculture department immediately, if they need any assistance or guidance in this regard.
He learned how to make gourd casques when he was 15 years old and did not stop innovating and exploring materials and techniques that would make the tabungaw more sturdy and last longer.
Bitter gourd is an important winter-cultivated vegetable in Hainan (SBHP and SONBSH, 2014).
Moreover, average quantity of Zn were exceeded than FSSA set values in onion, bell pepper, ridge gourd, bitter gourd and apple gourd from Karachi as well as in onion, bell pepper, cucumber, taro, carrot and apple gourd from Lahore whereas amount of Fe and Mn metals were found well within safe control of WHO standards in all vegetables from both cities.
The YMV infected ridge gourd samples were collected, DNA was isolated using CTAB method and subjected to PCR using specific primers.
Originally, women were prohibited from gourd cultivation in Europe.
Among vegetables, bitter gourd (Momordica charantia Linn) has a unique medicinal and nutritional value and belongs to family Cucurbitaceae.
Wuertz Gourd Farm, a family-owned gourd farm, has been putting on the festival for the 12 years.
Bitter Gourd, a dark-green, rough-skinned vegetable is indeed very bitter as the name suggests, but acts as magic for its medicinal values.
Crazy Hayrides" feature gourd tossing, bungee launching and pelting scarecrows in the fields with "ammo" provided ($5 per person).
A farmer, Ratan Bhowmik, said crops like peer gourd, bitter gourd, paddy and other standing crops had been destroyed by the flash flood