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But one day some one of the women--I do not know which one--filled a gourd with black-berries and carried it to her cave.
At any rate, the first member of the horde to use gourds was Marrow-Bone.
For that matter, the one big invention of the horde, during the time I lived with it, was the use of gourds. At first we stored only water in the gourds--in imitation of old Marrow-Bone.
You see this gourd; for every drop it can hold the blood of a man shall flow--the blood of one of your men.
So we took a hearty drink, and having emptied our water- bottles, filled them up again from the gourds that they had brought with them, and then watched them depart on their twenty miles' tramp home.
One of the solutions to provide safe food and healthy environment is to optimize the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides especially in vegetable production in general and bitter gourd production in particular.
Given the National Living Treasures Award were Magdalena Gamayo, 88, a weaver of inabel, a traditional blanket known among residents of northern Luzon; and Teofilo Garcia, 55, maker of tabungao, a traditional head gear made of local gourd (upo).
The other pictured artefact is a blood gourd from Kenya or Tanzania.
Place a small bed of sand under the gourd to protect is from slugs when it is young and this will reduce marks and scars on the fruit.
We are looking forward to an exciting evening filled with information about gourds, gourd growing, how to decorate them and the history of this art throughout North America.
If you train the gourd vines to grow up a support, you will need little garden space, and the gourds will be nice and clean!
DIY it Gourd idea GOURDS are great for arrangements and ornaments indoors.