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Accounting and the construction of the governable person.
Drawing on a concept developed by Nikolas Rose (Rose, 1999; Rose & Valverde, 1998)--as part of his discussion of governmentality--we define the socially constructed reality as a governable space.
Hopefully they will vote in favor of giving confidence to a team of serious technocrats, without giving too much importance to frivolous anecdotes that don't make a country governable.
People today are far less civil and less governable.
According to the BBC, Berlusconi still heads the opposition Forza Italia party, and has entered an agreement with Democratic Party (PD) leader Matteo Renzi to back electoral and constitutional proposals aimed at making Italy more governable.
The question is, how governable is a society without norms?
That's a structural problem with congressional districts that makes America less governable.
He claims that Middle Eastern dynasties from the late thirteenth to the early sixteenth century supported Sufi brotherhoods, which rendered these societies governable with minimal political administration.
The restructuring regulations taking effect with the establishment of the Ministry of Imperial Waqfs in 1826 is pivotal in his examination for he argued that "accounting was a technique in the hands of the Ottoman government that facilitated the translation of imperial objectives of the 1826 regulation into practice, the formation of the waqf in tune with government's desired outcomes, and the construction of governable bodies, as well as providing a controlling device from a distance.
I would propose that the constitution be put aside for some time and Caretaker Governor be given public support to quell the insecurity till pocket of residence conform to law and order and the state to be set at governable state.
standing at the center of each governable space is a community contradiction.
The findings referred to here suggest that to understand the political effects of cyberporn we must come to think about power in the way that the delivery method that is the ecstasy of community constitutes a new kind of governable subject: cyberporn is best conceived of as speech if we wish to examine its social effects.