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The conference brought together a growing network of senior government officials, social workers and NGOs, media and industrial leaders who have launched a Centre for Governance to act as a national thinktank to provoke government reforms in India.
The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 did not require that these roles be segregated, but this oversight was not lost on those concerned about corporate governance.
There have been several claims that lax corporate governance mechanisms have contributed to the failure of some insurance companies (the financial collapse of Australia's HIH Insurance Group or the United Kingdom's Independent Insurance, for example).
The takeaway from the [Stanford University] conference was that corporate governance is not a fad," Nugent says.
Economists have increasingly focused on the relationship between corporate governance and equity returns.
4 Good governance requires the engagement of civil society with political institutions, and the components of civil society--organizations and individuals--must be transparent in their goals and methods.
For example, take a corporate governance principle that is readily accepted in the private sector--to balance power, there must be a nonexecutive element in an entity's governing body," she said.
While dot-coms think of themselves as a breed apart, corporate governance is one area where emulation rather than rejection of older models is preferable.
This is the eighth time we have appraised the corporate governance posture of American corporations - and then had the temerity to choose the five best and five worst boards of directors for Chief Executive.

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