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They issued a communique entitled, Caux declaration on good governance and the global village.
Now, Brown said, "IFAC is working to identify the governance framework in which these standards can best be applied.
The answer, according to experts in corporate governance, is a resounding "Yes
Software AG Provides Sophisticated SOA Governance Capabilities Including Automated Policy Management
But major changes are occurring in risk assurance, corporate governance and internal audit practices, as well -- changes with significant import for audit committee members and senior management alike.
This is the eighth time we have appraised the corporate governance posture of American corporations - and then had the temerity to choose the five best and five worst boards of directors for Chief Executive.
HOUSTON -- TPI, the world's leading advisor to global organizations on all facets of service strategies for business support operations, today announced the availability of the first comprehensive service -- the Governance Excellence Program -- to help buyers of outsourcing services achieve greater results, improve efficiency and reduce risk.
it's heartening to have a firm like Dow Jones, which we picked last year as one of our worst boards, write to say that they restructured their board and issued a new statement of corporate governance principles, But it's disheartening to have a company like Disney, chosen two years ago as among the worst, do little or nothing to improve its board situation, despite the complaints of many of its shareholders.
ACTIVE Governance[TM] is the first solution to embed governance policies and processes directly into the Oracle E-Business Suite.
I was really writing, I guess, about corporate governance, but the words were not in common usage at the time.
LogicalApps, the provider of embedded governance software for enterprise applications, today announced capabilities in its ACTIVE Governance[TM] solution to assist government agencies in complying with the Improper Payments Information Act (IPIA).
More and more companies have seen the light about corporate governance and are implementing formal policies such as CEO and board evaluations.

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