governed by law

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Contracts in the Gulf state are governed by Law No 22 of 2004, known as the 'Civil Code'.
While the salaries of both ministers who are members of Parliament and those who have been appointed are governed by law, there was no legal precedent for the salaries of ministers who serve after their term has expired.
The court accepted Khalid's testimony at this stage pending subsequent analysis of the weight it should be afforded and noted that this is criminal case governed by law and has nothing to do with the government or the opposition.
would be governed by law approved by the legislature.
Still, the feisty 22-year-old veteran California Democrat and chairwoman of the Committee, Diane Feinstein, was determined, come what may, to release the report, against objections by some of her colleagues, because, she said, "history will judge us by our commitment to a just society governed by law and the willingness to face an ugly truth, and say never again.
25 (Petra) -- Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour said that Jordan has always been recognised as a country of freedom, openness, and governed by law, thanks to the open and wise Hashemite leadership.
The freedom of expression, which is endorsed in the constitution, is governed by law provisions and genuine social values and ethics", HM the King said, pointing out that certain parties remain adamant on misusing platforms despite calls to engage in moderate religious discourse.
For them, the Russia-China alliance is simply more retrograde, 19th-century, balance-of-power maneuvering by men of the past oblivious to the reality of a 21st century governed by law and norms.
However, in a memo from James Sadler, FEMA director of Claims for the National Flood Insurance Program, says the agency is governed by law in mandating that homeowners must sue within one year of a written denial.
The SCC cancelled the article and withdrew this right from the president, which the court says would turn him into a dictator and not a president in a state governed by law.
The Ministry of Information," he added, "is, first and last, a state institution governed by law.
Their interest rates are governed by law so that a credit union loan cannot cost you more than 26.

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