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Following the Governing Councils opinion and an opinion of the European Parliament, the new VicePresident of the ECB will be appointed by the European Council.
According to the constitution of PCB, the governing board will appoint one person as the next chairman out of the two nominees.
The Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) of 13 countries contested the election for six vacant seats of ASOSAI Governing Board, according to a statement here Friday.
The award provides a benchmark against which governing bodies can assess their effectiveness.
A PRIMARY school has been presented with the Bronze Quality Mark for governing bodies.
According to a source close to the IPL governing council, preparations have begun to induct a new team in place of Kochi.
ST STEPHEN'S College has convened a meeting of its governing body on Thursday to appoint the college bursar.
Lahore, June 9 (ANI): The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has decided not to cancel Javed Miandad's membership of the Governing Board for the time being.
3 : to serve as a rule for <Laws governing the Internet are changing.
Chair-elect Linda Bosma, PhD, MA Secretary-elect Amanda Woodfield, MPH Section Council Linda Frazier, MA, RN, CHES Deborah McLellan, MHS Governing Council Cynthia Hallett, MPH Johnnetta Davis-Joyce, MA Donald Zeigler, PhD, MA
IT'S NO EXAGGERATION TO SAY THAT COLLEGE AND UNIVERSITY governing boards suffer from an identity problem.