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Cllr Arwel Jones, Powys County Council's Cabinet Member for Schools, said: "I would like to congratulate the four governing bodies for achieving the Quality Mark Bronze Award.
The invaluable support that governing bodies can provide requires a relationship built on mutual respect, good communication and a shared vision for the school.
Mandatory training at the induction level will be the way forward in this respect, in order to enhance the effectiveness of governing bodies.
In schools across the country there are 40,000 unfilled places on governing bodies.
The level of sustained investment in the governing bodies reflects their central place in Irish sport," said Minister for Sport John O'Donoghue.
In fact, none of the in camera proceedings of which the church's governing bodies seem so fond, make much sense.
The study recommended that governing bodies view governance principles as innately linked to each other and support them as a whole.
Gethin Lewis, secretary of the National Union of Teachers Cymru, said, "The new Education Bill, and The Learning Country, proposes changing the powers of governing bodies.
There are around 440 places in total on governing bodies for LEA representatives.
Some of the obstacles faced by councils include: "big picture" issues that raise questions of competing values--most of us are inclined to avoid such issues because of the conflict they invite; governing bodies operate under a set of conditions that impede the hard work it takes to focus on the big picture; and there are fundamentally different perspectives that elected officials and professional staff bring to their work.
WSO2's governing bodies are comprised of leaders in the open source community, as well as visionaries that have molded the technologies that have inspired the company's creation.
ISA membership includes the surfing National Governing Bodies (NGBs) of over 50 countries on six continents.