governing principle

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The result of his experiment had answered all the expectations of his policy; for the Hurons were in no degree exempt from that governing principle of nature, which induces man to value his gifts precisely in the degree that they are appreciated by others.
To spare Henrietta from agitation seemed the governing principle.
He notes: 'It is consciousness that is the creative and governing principle of all forms of expressions, whether animate or inanimate, and which maintains and sustains its creation now and forever.
Again, the governing principle is that nothing is agreed until everything is agreed, although politically it would be difficult for either side to walk away with no deal.
But the governing principle of Mayism is a conviction that politics is not simply a branch of economics; that the voters' experience is not exclusively defined by disposable income; and that the nation's prosperity is, in any case, distributed much too unevenly.
The governing principle of the common fisheries policy is that of 'equal access to a common resource'," he said.
The governing principle under the Tenancy Law is that the tenant has a right to automatically renew its lease.
This Article defends (by reconstructing) sexual autonomy as the governing principle of modern rape law.
What is to be the governing principle of civilized society?
Albrecht examines the apparent move away from the long-standing governing principle of representation and mimesis (ut pictura poesis) towards that of music (ut musica poesis).
In starting antidepressants, the governing principle is to start at low doses and escalate dosing gradually over time.
I pray that it will continue to be the governing principle and vision of this community and this institution in the years ahead.

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