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During re-cross examination Tuesday, government attorney David Boies was able to show that still screen shots of the videotape, which purported to run the same Internet Explorer (IE) removal program as Allchin had used in his own tests, included a title bar which indicated that the program had not been used at all.
An official who fears he or she may have violated the criminal law and wishes to speak with an attorney in confidence should speak with a private attorney, not a government attorney,'' said the ruling, which was made last month but unsealed Friday.
The cross-examination of Microsoft's key witness, MIT economics professor Richard Schmalensee by lead Government attorney David Boies - which for periods has dissolved into semantic disagreements over the meanings of words - won't be wrapped up until Wednesday lunchtime at the earliest.
A government attorney asked Wednesday for a waiver of diplomatic immunity so the United States can prosecute a Republic of Georgia envoy for the death of a 16-year-old girl in a car crash.
Lead government attorney David Boies said outside the court Thursday that his team will take a "lot less [time] than it's taken Microsoft" to cross-examine the witnesses, all but three of whom are Microsoft executives.
Lead government attorney David Boies conceded that Fisher "hasn't provided any new factual evidence," but he has presented it in a variety of different contexts, he said.
Glink Private Practice Local Government Attorney Award in honor of his distinguished career and commitment to his community and profession.
Lead government attorney and probably the most famous trial lawyer in the US right now, David Boies was, until 1997, employed at the quintessential Wall Street law firm of Cravath, Swaine & Moore.
A US Government attorney at the Microsoft antitrust trial yesterday used Microsoft's own dictionary of computer terms to try to prove that its Internet Explorer is in fact an application and not an integrated part of the operating system, as the company claims.
What was eating Microsoft, claims McGeady, answering questions yesterday from lead government attorney David Boies, was technology like Intel's native signal processing (NSP), which was to have enabled software developers to write streaming audio and video applications that took advantage of features on Intel processors by interfacing directly with the chip, thus bypassing the operating system.
Our unique approach combines a deep understanding of legal issues and investigative techniques, stemming from our law enforcement, criminal justice and government attorney backgrounds with unparalleled skills in technology.
Lead government attorney David Boise, talking on the steps of the courthouse, refuted the claims.

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