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North East Lib Dem peer John Shipley welcomed the news, saying: "The abolition of Government offices was a serious mistake.
An Ipsos Mori survey of stakeholders in March this year found 77% of respondents were satisfied with the government offices, putting them in the top 25% of all public sector organisations, in terms of how effective they were perceived to be.
We can all share in that and the key to helping achieve it is the Government Office.
Source: Ginette Chenard, Delegate Quebec Government Office in Atlanta Phone: 404 584-2995
Once the telegraph escalated the speed of information dissemination, maritime-dependent Great Britain in 1854 established a government office to collect data on the weather throughout the British Isles.
At Canyon High School, she works daily at the student government office and is a cheer program booster in charge of fund raising for the past two years.
Lotte Construction said it is the first South Korean construction firm to win a contract alone to build a Japanese government office building.
To acquaint students with some of the most colorful and tumultuous moments in the two-century history of the White House--a presidential residence, government office building, historical showplace, and unique national symbol.
Voice mail is the recording callers often hear when they phone a corporate or government office.
If you work in a government office and need supplies, such as paper, and "you don't specify that you want an environmentally responsible product, or a certain percentage of recycled content, they will give you whatever they have," says Gail Miller Wray, the EPA's federal recycling executive.
private sector properties, 291 government office buildings in the U.
Sunway Construction said the contract consisted of the construction 10 blocks of government office buildings and one block of shared facilities and targets to achieve a Gold Certification under the Green Building Index requirements.

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