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Part 3: Building photovoltaic systems in each building of the Jsz-Nagykun-Szolnok County Government Office in Karcag City:
In Aberystwyth slogans painted on Government offices ask for "Addysg Gymraeg i Bawb" (Welshmedium education for all).
What I find very surprising is the contribution from Stockton and Middlesbrough councillors Jim Beall and Julia Rostrum who never challenged the findings of the government office.
A definite time reference would remove inefficiencies brought about by different interpretations of time, particularly among government offices," Defensor-Santiago said.
That comes after Tory Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles last year decided to axe the existing network of regional Government offices.
The coalition claims the country-wide scrapping of government offices - which help bring investment into the regions - would help save up to pounds 190m a year.
The closure of Government offices will see an end to the holy grail of joined-up Government.
He added: "The Government Offices are not voices of the region in Whitehall.
The Government Office North East open day on Friday set out the key aims for the next three years.
The Government Office for London and Mrs Dawes, who is now the deputy head of the Race Equality Unit, both deny race discrimination.
Civil servants also fear that the Government Office North West (GONW) base in the Cunard Building could go, and with it some of the city's influence over national policy.
Once the telegraph escalated the speed of information dissemination, maritime-dependent Great Britain in 1854 established a government office to collect data on the weather throughout the British Isles.

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