government officers

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They did no work themselves, being government officers in charge.
This little circle looked upon Saillard and Baudoyer as transcendent beings; they were government officers; they had risen by their own merits; they worked, it was said, with the minister himself; they owed their fortune to their talents; they were politicians.
After gathering up fragments of sculptured marbles and breaking ornaments from the interior work of the Mosques; and after bringing them at a cost of infinite trouble and fatigue, five miles on muleback to the railway depot, a government officer compelled all who had such things to disgorge!
A mighty man at cutting and drying, he was; a government officer; in his way (and in most other people's too), a professed pugilist; always in training, always with a system to force down the general throat like a bolus, always to be heard of at the bar of his little Public-office, ready to fight all England.
Gulshan-i-Jinnah flats are located near Parliament House where besides government officers private persons are also residing.
QUETTA -- The newly appointed Chief Secretary Balochistan capt retd Fazeel Asghar on Monday stressed upon government officers to pay earnest efforts in order to ensure provision of quality health, education clean drinking facilities in remote areas of Balochistan.
According to a Gilani Research Foundation Survey carried out by Gallup and Gilani Pakistan, 84% Pakistanis feel that as an austerity measure, at least half of all the travel that government officers do in a year should be in an economy class train.
Summary: Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], Aug 31 (ANI): The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has registered a case, on the request of Karnataka government in connection with alleged illegal telephone interception of several ruling politicians and government officers.
A large number of government officers, employees of different departments and the people belonging to all walks of life will participate in the rally.
Local government officers in Renfrewshire were fully behind a national move for a strike which could cripple operations in such authorities as Paisley Corporation and Renfrew County Council, we reported in August 1974.
Soldiers belonging to the Armys 81st Infantry Battalion (IB) have added members to the composition of the local teams of the implementor of the community support program (CSP) through the inclusion of the policemen and the local government officers in Ilocos Sur.
PTI parliamentarians and office bearers have complained that government officers, especially officials in direct public service departments, do not even try to solve the public's problems and use delay tactics, while in other departments, PTI's own appointed chairmen and vice-chairmen are also not cooperating with their party comrades.

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