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SBP and the inter-bank market report, while the average six-month Karachi Inter Bank Offered Rate (Kibor) was lower to the extent of 182 basis points (BPs), the average yield on the government paper and securities declined in the range of 140-175 BPs.
They bought only government paper and securitized real-estate instruments that were issued by the semi-public bodies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
The United States Government Printing Office, in recognizing the acceptability of BCTMP in non-permanent paper grades, wrote the following in its Government Paper Specification Standards, No.
The government paper was quoted as saying that the cabinet ''pointed out clear goals that must by achieved over several years,'' until Kim Jong Il's 60th birthday Feb.
This streamlined process provides substantially faster online forms processing and helps the VHA comply with the Government Paper Elimination Act and Section 508 of the Americans with Disabilities Act.
They can deploy their money only in government paper and bank deposits.
The government wants to return to markets sometime in 2011 but with yield spreads on Greek government paper back near levels reached at the peak of the crisis it looks unlikely.
The year-long study, which will be complete in March, comes after a Government paper called for an increased commitment to understanding veterans.
The Court Services' Scrutiny Working Group commissioned to investigate the reasons for closure has systematically dismantled the MoJ case and Working Group Chairman Coun Glen Sanderson told The Journal: "The Government paper is overstated, unsubstantiated and exaggerated, and not based on any facts we have had explained to us.
On the one side, they hold the bulk of government paper and have no incentive to liquidate their position abruptly even during severe crisis as this would be self-defeating.
The government paper published yesterday said there were concerns that a previous proposal to have psychiatrists or other experts giving evidence in court about the behaviour of a victim could detract from the core issues of a case.
Conwy council leader Cllr Goronwy Edwards said later that an Assembly Government paper called One Wales suggests more Assembly money may be given to Conwy.

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