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The Government paper is based on an argument which says 'let's close' without having a good reason why and without taking a long, cool look at the implications.
Domestic banks hold the majority of government paper, playing a larger role than in most peer countries.
tighter monetary policy would be narrowing a wide gap between the central bank's key discount rate and yields on government paper.
Lenders are looking to increases deposits to compensate for a shift to high-yield government paper by fund managers.
Government paper on global food security and nutrition and discuss the continued need for strong country leadership and more catalytic development assistance to strengthen global food security and nutrition.
The year-long study, which will be complete in March, comes after a Government paper called for an increased commitment to understanding veterans.
The Ministry of Finance said it sold 116 mln euros worth of government paper, with yields ranging from 2.
However, The Guardian reported that MI6 chief Sir John Scarlett had refused to sign up to a Government paper saying that the agency endorsed that view.
The team will work to develop Middlesbrough's Children's Service as well as reporting back to council leaders in February, 2004, about the impact of the government paper - which includes examining key areas including supporting parents and carers and workforce reform.
Most corporate issues carry an A or better rating and usually have spreads of at least 25 to 40 basis points above government paper.
The Government paper gives the clearest insight yet into the trading relationship with the EU that Theresa May's administration plans to pursue.
The bank also said that it has switched to a new three-month policy tool, which could boost liquidity and increase local banks' demand for government paper.

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