governmental control

See: censorship
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21, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The Satellite-based Earth Observation Market, despite the high initial cost of investment and the strong Governmental control and dependence is an emerging market today and is projected to grow many more folds in the next decade.
Summary : UNDP and European Union join hands to assist the Parliament in its efforts to represent the needs and views of Georgian citizens more effectively, to streamline law-making processes, and enhance governmental control.
We discussed the importance of the process of intra-Palestinian reconciliation, with the aim of resuming governmental control in Gaza," she said.
A free press independent of governmental control is essential to the life of a healthy society.
Many NGOs have reiterated their refusal to register under a Mubarak-era law, as it allows governmental control over NGOs' practices.
However due to a complex arrangement of legislative, internal and external financial practice and equally unusual governmental control the project ground to a halt and remains 'on ice',' which is sadly typical of the region.
The main reasons to rate the countries "Not Free" are governmental control of mass media, non-governmental organizations, Internet (social media) restrictions.
The roadblocks have become more commonplace in the past three years, as the deteriorating security situation has meant less governmental control, particularly in areas outside of Sana'a.
This would be by unshackling banks from governmental control by reducing government holdings to under 50 percent and bringing banks under the sole regulation of RBI.
Since the individuals involved with the jogo do bicho carried an informal scheme, they were outside the "reach of governmental control within the concession system" (p.
While all of SE's PS250million budget comes from the public purse, there is remarkably little governmental control over how they spend that money.
Mr Jones said: "We want a strong public service ethos in Wales and one that is not prevented from delivering good quality services by unnecessary bureaucracy or governmental control.

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