governmental control

See: censorship
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High levels of corruption also correlate with weak rule of law, lack of access to information, governmental control over social media and reduced citizens' participation.
The temporary ban comes into effect on January 18, 2018 and will continue until the governmental control agencies in Egypt prove that the frozen and processed guava products are free of pesticide residues or comply with maximum limits allowed in the Gulf standard specifications approved by SFDA.
Beyond bitcoin being outside governmental control, Alwaleed was also partially correct, albeit short-sighted, to call bitcoin "unregulated.
He said the bill will pave the way for governmental control over the media and the content it generates.
Before that the governmental control granted limited export licenses to a small number of exporters.
Admittedly, the Sasun crisis was complex with rapidly changing political and economic structures affected by the extension of firmer governmental control in the eastern Ottoman provinces, the sharpening of tensions between the Armenian peasantry and the local Kurdish tribesmen and their exacting agha chieftains, and the agitation of Armenian political activists who urged the villagers to stand firm against the heightened exploitation.
Organized criminal groups willingly assume the traditional functions of the state and see "a natural fit for drug trafficking activities because they have geographic proximity to demand countries, trade networks that extend to markets in developed countries, pliable policy forces and customs agencies, viable airports or seaports, territory beyond governmental control, arable land, or accessibility to state assets" (74).
It was also observed that the supply position during the first half of Ramazan ul Mubarak was also in abundance except for at some places where people complained about less governmental control in the open markets.
Governmental Control: The Proposed Regulation states that an entity is not a political subdivision unless it satisfies the governmental control requirement by having control vested in either (a) a state or local governmental unit possessing a substantial amount of each of the sovereign powers and acting through its governing body or its duly authorized elected or appointed officials in the official capacities, or (b) an electorate established under applicable state or local law of general application, provided the electorate is not a private faction.
Major factors affecting the dynamics of tobacco in 2014 were tightening governmental control in the form of tax increases and increasing health concerns over smoking, which together brought cigarette companies.
We discussed the importance of the process of intra-Palestinian reconciliation, with the aim of resuming governmental control in Gaza," she said.
A free press independent of governmental control is essential to the life of a healthy society.

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