governmental control

See: censorship
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Authoritarianism primarily differs from totalitarianism in that social and economic institutions exist that are not under governmental control. Building on the work of brilliant Yale political scientist Juan Linz, Paul C.
It's about taking over one-sixth of our economy into governmental control, control of American lives.
In addition, the author offers solutions for these challenges and they are strengthening governmental control over use of reclamation facilities; modernization of the monitoring system; restrictions for any uses leading to degradation of reclamation projects, pollution, and exhaustion of land; and other.
Mr Jones said: "We want a strong public service ethos in Wales and one that is not prevented from delivering good quality services by unnecessary bureaucracy or governmental control. This act will strengthen the crucial role the Auditor General plays in ensuring public services in Wales are delivered in an efficient and effective way."
They don't want an effective Lokpal, because they are going to become the first casualty in the event an autonomous CBI comes about, (and) an effective Lokpal, free from governmental control comes about," Prasad said.
"Merchants have apparently taken advantage of a lack of governmental control as the whole situation in the country is unstable."
BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: Deputy chairman of the parliamentary legal commission said today that the Law of Parties submitted by the government will entangle the freedom of the parties and put them under governmental control.
In the absence of governmental control, the domestic market is witnessing a new spate of price hikes.
The second pertains to governmental control over health protection and promotion, and the third is related to precedence for future tobacco- control litigation and the power of FCTC to legitimise governmental tobacco- control legislation," The Lancet journal has observed in a comment.
"The Election Commission should have full financial autonomy like the Supreme Court and the Parliament so that it is free of governmental control or pressures.
He documents the role of the welfare state with its Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, in promoting increased governmental control and regulation, and in making as many individuals as possible dependent on the government.
Three additional articles cover City Magazine in the emergence of 1980s popular culture and culture industry, indigenization and the study of Chinese religion and society, and governmental control over population and daughter discrimination in contemporary China.

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