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Volodymyr Groysman placed an emphais on the fact that the law compliance encompasses not only the protection of the employee, but also the filling of budgets of different levels and the Pension Fund, the governmental grant of which equals the allocations spending on servicing the public debt.
Throughout much of the Anglo-American anti-monopoly tradition, "monopoly" primarily denoted a governmental grant of an exclusive privilege--a "letters patent" in the sense of the classic common law case.
Finally, DRG is part of a strong scientific network which is also supported by governmental grant programs to initiate partnerships among industry, academia, and medical centers.
He also demanded a governmental grant for Bajour affectees.
Agfa HealthCare, a leading provider of IT-enabled workflow and diagnostic imaging solutions, has announced that it has signed an agreement with the Government of Ontario, Canada for a CAD$29.6 million governmental grant to support the growth of the company's Research, Development and Regional operation centers in Toronto and Waterloo (Canada).
The 58-kilogram doll was made with a governmental grant of 100 million yen which was distributed to some 3,300 municipal governments nationwide from 1988 to 1989 to help revitalize their economies.
'Payment by Results', a pervasive method of accountability in English and Welsh elementary education during the second half of the nineteenth century, was a system whereby a school's governmental grant largely depended on how well pupils answered in an annual examination conducted by Her Majesty's Inspectors.
Internal auditors can be an integral part of the control system of the not-for-profit entity that receives governmental grant support.
While the actual groundbreaking is still contingent on the completion of contracts and additional governmental grant and development authority arrangements, the new plant is slated for startup in mid-1995.
The Senate then passed and sent to conference with the House a one-year airport reauthorization, S 1491 proposing civil penalties on governmental grant recipients for the violation of assurances entered into when securing airport grants and proposing that any disputed landing fees be put in an escrow account and subject to court settlement to determine whether cities had oversharged airlines.
61/2006 of Housing Ministry as per the governmental grant of lands prices.
1491) contains a provision which would impose civil penalties on governmental grant recipients for the violation of assurances entered into when securing airport grants.

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