governmental leader

See: politician
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Historically, the religious affiliation of a governmental leader has never been an issue for the Jewish people, as long as the government involved was not itself oppressive.
The ECCC began Monday its first segment of hearings on three senior Khmer Rouge leaders as classified in case 002 -- Nuon Chea, the Khmer Rouge regime's chief ideologue, Ieng Sary, its foreign minister, and Khieu Samphan, its governmental leader.
The governmental leader expressed frustrations he had trying to accomplish his goals.
Bt100 ceremony will be attended by top business leaders, heads and key decision makers, editors and representatives from leading media outlets, as well as endorsements from chief governmental leaders and ministers.
LNO is a unique leadership opportunity for business and governmental leaders in Indian Country to broaden their network and sharpen their understanding of self-governance and self-determination.
The awards were given at the chamber's Annual Dinner & Scholarship Fundraiser that brought more than 200 local business, community and governmental leaders to the Stonegate Conference and Banquet Centre in Hoffman Estates.
The dean spoke before than 100 European governmental leaders, security officials, educators and other officials at a palace in ViennaAaAaAeA{Es histor Hofburg.
servicemen on trips to Afghanistan and Iraq, written a country song for which he received a Gold Album, wrote a novel that was made into a movie starring Jack Lemmon, and rubbed shoulders with governmental leaders from across the globe.
Trustees and members are invited to participate each year in the society's "centerpiece event," a Supreme Evening, an annual reception and dinner in Tallahassee which is attended by governmental leaders, judges, attorneys, educators, and special guests.
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