governmental procedure

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Murad Saeed said that reforms process is underway as per vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan and the existing leadership has presented a better model of governmental procedure.
But hey, we have a new concept here - a governmental procedure that might actually produce results.
It follows Illinois governmental procedure as closely as possible.
He noted that the government concerned authorities had formed investigation committees to review the governmental procedures in this regard, calling on the organizations to do the same and review their policies and procedures in the Republic of Yemen to ensure that this would not happen again.
Lall added that the IMF committee is scheduled to review the procedures of the Egyptian economic reform program and evaluate the latest governmental procedures and their financial and economic effects in the framework of the procedures for approving the disbursement of the second installment of the third tranche.
In a statement issued on Tuesday, Rasheed said that Jordan scored 49 out of 100 points on the index, moving up one rank from 2017, pointing out that this slight increase is due to the criteria listed under the World Economic Forum and the World Competitive Yearbook surveys, which include realizing the outcomes of automating some governmental procedures and improvements in curbing bribes and tenders.
In addition to the reasons for wider freedom of information (seeking greater openness and transparency, increasing scrutiny and accountability, encouraging public trust and participation in governmental procedures) this has been driven by a desire to enhance environmental protection, " r ecognizing that, in the field of the environment, improved access to information and public participation in decision-making enhance the quality and the implementation of decisions, contribute to public awareness of environmental issues, give the public the opportunity to express its concerns and enable public authorities to take due account of such concerns" (Aarhus Convention).
All similar governmental procedures create an enabling environment for private sector investment.
He was appointed village attorney in 1977, serving the village with his expertise in governmental procedures, zoning and personnel issues.
Egypt's minister of investment and international cooperation, Sahar Nasr, signed a protocol with the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS)'s chairperson, Khairat Barakat, to create a survey on the newly founded firms to figure out their problems and to simplify governmental procedures,according to aThursday ministerial press statement.
The CEO KPEZDMC said that due to excellent customer services provided by the company to Lodhia Gypsum Industries, the issues of Governmental procedures, NOCs, and land were solved on fast track basis.
The SME tool kit, which is available on QDB website, offers entrepreneurs and SMEs all the relevant information on the governmental procedures and requirements during all stages of the business lifecycle, be it the planning or the execution stage or operational and expansion of the project such as the procedures for recruitment and export.

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