governmental unit

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The Contractor shall coordinate with the Using Governmental Unit prior to equipment pick-up regarding confirmation of day, time, and location of the pickup, as well as loading and packing requirements.
Sleiman received Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of National Defense, Samir Mokbel, and stressed the need of governmental unit and the importance of facilitating its work in order to ensure the minimum of livelihood requirements.
Sometimes a governmental unit needs a service delivery system with breadth.
The court may consider the budget of the governmental unit and previous violations of the Act as aggravating or mitigating factors for assessing penalties.
That court held, in an action against a governmental unit under the state's Tort Claims Act, that the simultaneous rendition of a judgment against an employee [of the governmental unit] whose actions gave rise to the claim ab initio, was barred.
Among other claims, the company asserted that the Village violated the Public Construction Contract Act of Illinois, which requires governmental units in Illinois to make an equitable adjustment to the contract price when differing site conditions are properly reported and the governmental unit directs the project to continue.
Every taxpayer, and every employer and governmental unit should be rallying against this money grab.
However, cost accounting information can be more important for the long run survival of the governmental unit than financial accounting.
Each governmental unit is solely obligated to pay its portion (several obligations) pursuant to the loan agreement.
ORDERING ENTITY - Using Governmental Unit that has submitted a Purchase Order.
Each governmental unit will specify the vacant positions and the qualifications required to fill such positions.
Accordingly, A may not, pursuant to section 414(h)(2) of the Code, exclude from gross income, for federal income tax purposes, contributions made by the employing governmental unit to its qualified pension plan.

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