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THROAT, med. jur. The anterior part of the neck. Dungl. plea. Diet. h.t.; Coop. Dict. h.t.; 2 Good's Study of Med. 302; 1 Chit. Med. Jur. 97, n.
     2. The word throat, in an indictment which charged the defendant with murder, by "cutting the throat of the deceased," does not mean, and is not to be confined to that part of the neck which is scientifically called the throat, but signifies that which is commonly called the throat. 6 Carr. & Payne, 401; S. C. 25 Eng. Com. Law Rep. 458.

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Emma Neville was grabbed by the throat by her partner Alex Thomas McAleer, dragged into a bath and then punched while pinned to the bed after being gagged with a sock, leaving her struggling to breathe.
The younger boy had been before a youth court just four weeks before, for another robbery when a man was grabbed by the throat and had PS70 taken from him at a cash machine.
The communica- tions industry in the region was grabbed by the throat and roughly shaken in 2011.
A MAN was grabbed by the throat before being robbed of hundreds of pounds worth of cigarettes.
It was a little bit more than simply handbags, and it all started when one of our boys went over at the final whistle to shake hands with one of the French players and he was grabbed by the throat.
The worker, who is believed to have been grabbed by the throat during the incident, was left badly shocked but unhurt and was sent home by management to recover.
The presenter alleges in tonight's programme that he was grabbed by the throat and struck in the head and back when he was tackled in a nightclub toilet during a meeting arranged by Wintle in Birmingham.
Patrick Isaac, aged 36, said he was grabbed by the throat and kicked in the shins by police when they swooped on the Frames 2 snooker hall in Sparkbrook.
Secret plans have been finalised for a nail-biting storyline in which terrified Liz McDonald will be grabbed by the throat by an armed raider.
Claire Savage said her Cocker Spaniel was grabbed by the throat by a Staffordshire Bull Terrier-type dog and shaken like a rag doll.
She says she was grabbed by the throat and pushed up against the wall.
Clarke, once grabbed by the throat by Simon Katich in the SCG dressing room, had to face more dressing room dramas over his selection role," Dorries concluded.