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Belonging to the Rollgliss[TM] Technical Rescue range of products, the Rope-Safe Rope Grab has been designed and certified to meet an array of international standards for use as a secondary back up device for fall arrest on kernmantle rope.
Toe grabs, which have been common in the US, or other plates 'with a sharp flange' are forbidden in the UK, as are any other shoes with protrusions except calkins or studs, of up to threeeighths of an inch, on hind shoes.
Grabs, or thumbs, round out the arsenal of material handling attachments most commonly used by C&D recyclers and demolition contractors.
In Global Gun Grab, William Norman Grigg exposes the UN's worldwide campaign to eliminate civilian ownership of firearms and explains the dangers facing Americans.
This "smart crane" will form the backbone of an integrated QMC system that will grab molds from a storage rack, put them in a preheat station, and finally transfer them to the waiting machine - all under computer control.
Richman can cry all he wants about the polarization in Sacramento, but he sure did his own part to grab issues long settled and turn them into ideological battles.
The booth will be filled with different denominations of bills that the contestant then grabs.
The melee was caught on what has come to be known as The Keppel Tape, footage that was the starting point for Michael Wranovics' hugely entertaining documentary ``Up for Grabs.
3) Caron Butler grabs a loose ball during the first half of the Lakers' game against Denver on Tuesday.
The player interaction determines what MONOPOLY game bills the on-screen character grabs and awards are given based on the contestant's performance.